Animatronic Conventioneer

26 Jul
Animatronic Conventioneer

Anybody who has ever worked on a convention or trade show floor knows the goal is to generate valuable potential prospects by stopping them and scanning them.

Anybody who has ever attended a trade show knows that those people in booths are trying desperately to stop you and scan you!

Is there a way to make both parties happy? YES!

Animatronics are the key!

Animatronic dog

Case study: MEDRIO eClinical Solutions. Their booth has been filled with colorful backdrops, cool swag, excellent staff, and a lot of collateral hand-outs for years. Almost all booths in any convention also have these things. That is why MEDRIO decided to take a step outside the norm and invest in an animatronic mascot! Their mascot, Francois, was already present in their 2D animations and marketing, we just had to bring him to life…

zbrush sculpt


MEDRIO let animatronic Francois perform non-stop all 5 days of the DIA (Drug Information Association) conference. The additional traffic animatronic Francois helped generate was higher than anticipated. See below:

“We chose Custom Entertainment Solutions to create our animatronic dog ‘Francois’ because they could accommodate the tight schedule due to an upcoming convention. They delivered, and the animatronic increased our booth traffic by 190% compared to previous conventions for MEDRIO. We will be adding more figures because of this proven ROI.” James Harrison, Director of Product Marketing, MEDRIO eClinical

Animatronic dog

Moving forward with animatronics

Whatever product or service you are trying to promote, there’s a way to do so using animatronics. The ROI is excellent, as mentioned above from MEDRIO. Simply let us know what you would like for your booth or walk around display. We can do the rest. We can design something specific to your needs.

What would you like?

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