Putting Some Animatronic Skin in the Game

26 Aug

One of the most fascinating aspects of the animatronics industry is creating lifelike representations of both humans and animals. Yet despite all of the intriguing elements of such design, the one thing that has plagued animatronic experts for years ...

The Creepy Factor of Animatronics

07 Aug

At Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is the incredibly popular Hall of Presidents exhibit visitors to this exhibit are treated to lifelike animatronic figures depicting every U.S. president from George Washington to Barack Obama. However, would you b...

Top 10 Animatronic Creatures and Figures

17 Jun

From the “golden era” of animatronics in movies to animatronic robotics in theme parks and museums, here is our top 10 breakdown! First thing’s last: Position 10: Universal Studios Hollywood Jaws shark on Back lot Tour circa 1980’s WHY? Wi...

Welcome to a New World of Security

27 May

Alarm systems and 24-hour monitoring are great tools for home security. But how would you like to enhance the effectiveness of those security solutions with some exciting new technology destined to take yours to the next level? Now you can with custo...

The Animatronic Trade Show Handshake

25 Mar

Back in the 1980s and 90s, trade shows were all the rage for everything from retail cleaning products to medical devices. But let's face it, even though such shows are still being used around the country, they are dropping in attendance about the ind...

How Do They Do That? With Animatronics!

13 Feb

If you've recently been to the movie theater to see an awesome film you may have asked yourself, "how do they do that?" There are many things going on in films that make you question what is real. However, in the world of animatronics and robots, def...

Animatronic Bloody Hand- Chop!

19 Oct

Animatronics are not always just about making creatures or robots... ...sometimes they are necessary to allow a director to CUT OFF A HAND! http://youtu.be/6vE3gvrNfxw Partnering with the amazing special makeup effects studio Cosmesis and th...

Animatronic Top Secret Agent

14 Sep

James Bond. Stirling Mallory Archer (codename: Duchess). We love secret agents. The romance of exotic locations, the excitement of the chase, the awesome gadgets. So we have created a Top Secret Agent animatronic! Your own Top Agent to...