Terminators!!! Should we be afraid?

09 Jun

Something amazing happened yesterday... All of these robots (and more not shown) have become part of SoftBank Group Corp This is a big deal, here's why... From the decades of fascination over robots that could actually roll around to search ...

Entertaining while Educating

04 Oct

ALL ABOARD! Everybody is getting information faster, trying to absorb it, learn from it, but it can be too much! With attention spans shrinking it becomes very difficult to help somebody learn history without poking them with a stick every five seco...

Putting Some Animatronic Skin in the Game

26 Aug

One of the most fascinating aspects of the animatronics industry is creating lifelike representations of both humans and animals. Yet despite all of the intriguing elements of such design, the one thing that has plagued animatronic experts for years ...

Animatronic Bloody Hand- Chop!

19 Oct

Animatronics are not always just about making creatures or robots... ...sometimes they are necessary to allow a director to CUT OFF A HAND! http://youtu.be/6vE3gvrNfxw Partnering with the amazing special makeup effects studio Cosmesis and th...

Animatronic Top Secret Agent

14 Sep

James Bond. Stirling Mallory Archer (codename: Duchess). We love secret agents. The romance of exotic locations, the excitement of the chase, the awesome gadgets. So we have created a Top Secret Agent animatronic! Your own Top Agent to...

Animatronic Heads for Everybody!

10 Jul

We are finding that more and more students, kids, parents, people from nearly all age groups want to be involved in some kind of animatronic. Some want to play with animatronic robotic eyes, some want an arm, some a hand, and some want a whole robot....

Custom Abraham Lincoln Android

21 Nov

This could be anything from a small project involving an android with only a few motions to a large android having many motions and autonomy. A perfect example is a small museum with big wishes for an android copy of Abraham Lincoln. This is t...