Custom Abraham Lincoln Android

21 Nov

This could be anything from a small project involving an android with only a few motions to a large android having many motions and autonomy.

A perfect example is a small museum with big wishes for an android copy of Abraham Lincoln.

This is the result is a Custom Mr.Lincoln Android:

Custom Androids can look like anybody or anything our client’s want.

Custom Androids can perform and have as much mobility as our client’s desire.

Custom Entertainment Solutions can deliver exactly what you want down to your last specification.


Our clients are individuals, small companies, and large research institutions.

They all have one thing in common: People are competitive.

Most important to individuals and teams right now is having their own tailored solution. In research institutes worldwide even though they are all pushing towards similar goals of human / robotic interaction, it is VERY
competitive. They all want a unique, better custom android than anybody else.

For example:

One person may want a female face with 10 different motions.

Another may want a large tank-treaded human looking torso and head that is mobile and can perform.

The common thread is this: CUSTOM ANDROIDS

We can make your android function, perform, and simply look much cooler than the other guys’!

Contact us so we can help you with your android needs.

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