Custom Androids

Plug into outlet, select audio animatronic track you want on included remote control. It works. Simple.

Examples of Custom Android possibilities:

  • Replicate yourself as an android
  • Sales demonstration androids for in-store display or tradeshows
  • Historical figures
  • Honor a person in your community or family (living or deceased)
  • Your key company leaders replicated for meetings, events, or telepresence
  • A completely robotic design or any design

Basic Option Includes:

  • Commissioned sculpture of the subjects’ face
  • Full size human male or female body of appropriate dimensions
  • Head left / right
  • Mouth open / close
  • Eyes left / right
  • Eyelids blink
  • Up to 10 custom animatronic tracks of voice and programmed animation.
  • Basic includes 5 minutes audio and animation (all tracks combined)
  • Lifetime remote support through email, phone, and video conferencing.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Other custom options are available.

Simply tell us what you would like.

The Process is Simple:

All we need are photographs and basic dimensions of your desired android Audio recordings can be supplied by yourself or our audio recording studio artists Payments can be made in installments.

Contact us for a personalized custom android quote