Mecha TE GEN2




  • Constructed of anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Self-contained. No external mechanical cables or rods to manage.
  • Controlled by any simple servo controller or RC system
  • 10 points of motion, 5 degrees of freedom (two fingers, adduction / abduction of large 2nd finger, thumb tip flex / extend, and thumb carpo-metacarpal flex / extend)
  • Intended for robotics research, animatronics, and robotic hobbyists

The MechaTE GEN2 Robot Hand was developed by Custom Entertainment Solutions to provide a robust mechanical hand platform for any number of applications. The design allows for the programmer to animate / program this hand quickly (only 5 servos to manage). With soft silicone fingertips this hand can grasp objects, even those requiring a passive non-conformal grip. A standardized ½” wrist socket at the back of this hand allows for easy connection to an existing robotic / animatronic figure. Custom Entertainment Solutions can also provide tailor-made animatronic robotics to your specifications.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 x 35 x 40 cm