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Mecha X Robotic Hand


The Mecha X Robotic Hand provides the strength of CNC machined aluminum with the flexibility of 3D Printed accessories

Product Description

The Mecha X Hand Robotic Hand combines the best of CNC machined aircraft aluminum with 3D printing. Using any servo controller anybody can use this hand for interesting research, animatronic displays, robotics, and more.


  • All mechanical components CNC machined from aircraft aluminum, black anodized

  • Hardware is stainless steel, steel alloy, and bronze with Teflon bushings

  • Hand has 5 DoFs (Degrees of Freedom), one per finger / thumb

  • Each finger’s full range of motion speed is approximately 1 Hz

  • Refined kinematic geometry gives positive control of finger motion without chance of fingers bending backwards

  • Any servo controller or microcontroller that can produce common PWM (Pulse Width Modulation, ranging from 900 to 2100 microseconds) commands will be compatible with the servos in this hand but is not included

  • Wrist socket is CNC machined aluminum with 0.5” (+/- 0.005”) bore, set screw included

  • A 5 VDC 2 Amp (10 W) regulated power supply is recommended but not included

  • STANDARD MODEL contains 5 HS-53 servos (nylon gears). Price: $950 USD.

  • UPGRADED MODEL contains 5 HS-45HB servos (KARBONITE “AGTT” Advanced Gear Train Technology gears), recommended for any application requiring gripping. Price: $995 USD.

  • Hand is available in left or right hand configuration

  • 3D print-ready STL files included for 3 different styles of fingertips

Click here to download all STL fingertip files.

robotic hand

big robot hand

robotic claws

LED animatronic hand

Custom Entertainment Solutions can also provide tailor-made animatronic robotics to your specifications.

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Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 x 20 x 15 cm
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