Animatronic Services

The key to providing the best animatronics and robotic design is to never assume something cannot be done. We always assume a way can be found if you try hard enough. That is how we work at Custom Entertainment Solutions.

We work with customers from around the world who come to us with some pretty crazy ideas. These are ideas others have told them would be impossible or too costly to effectively implement; ideas our clients are passionate about seeing come to fruition. We listen to those ideas and combine them with the detailed desires our clients share with us. And what’s the result? A final product that meets or exceeds all client expectations.

Our staff of talented artists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, programmers, fabricators and machinists can successfully accommodate any creative design you may have in mind. Every member of the team working on your project listens and collaborates through a variety of technology tools, including interactive web-based meetings and videos. We strive to thoroughly understand what you are after throughout the entire process.

Some of the methods and techniques we use to achieve such great results include:

  • 3D printing
  • 3D laser scanning
  • 3D CAD design and full 3D kinematic simulation
  • CFD analysis simulation
  • CNC plasma and CNC milling, turning, and welding
  • Vacuum forming complex patterns in ABS, PETG, Styrene, and more
  • Molding and casting of fiberglass, composites, plastics and rubber
  • Ultra-realistic skins created using our proprietary process

If you are looking for a life-like simulation of yourself, one of the newest services we offer is our Android Doppelgänger Replicant service. This service allows you to bring an android version of anyone to life by providing us with some photos, a few unique measurements, and other information we might deem appropriate. This is one service you are not likely to find anywhere else.

At Custom Entertainment Solutions, our number one goal is to create custom animatronic solutions that meet your exact specifications. Do not believe it when someone else tells you your idea is too crazy to make happen. Instead, let our creative and dedicated team make it happen for you.