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Entertaining while Educating



animatronic conductor

Everybody is getting information faster, trying to absorb it, learn from it, but it can be too much! With attention spans shrinking it becomes very difficult to help somebody learn history without poking them with a stick every five seconds.

We at Custom Entertainment Solutions do not endorse poking people with sticks.

Instead, we open creative, hungry minds to new information using animatronics!

The City of Belton, in conjunction with the local history museum housed in a 100-year-old train station, wanted to bring in more guests to view their railroad exhibit and assist in the learning of local history.

animatronic train conductor

For example, the history of trains in the US is vast and contains many details that train aficionados hold dear. To tell a few minutes of detailed history to a child can be a challenge. But to have an animatronic robot tell it they become fascinated! Everybody is entertained. The best part: the story teller (animatronic) always tells it perfectly!

robotic train conductor

 From the museum, “We are thrilled with our animatronic robot. It was so precious to see the children making him come to life with the touch of a button.  It scared quite a few until their parents assured them that he was perfectly harmless.  You can see the confusion and trepidation on some of their faces, but they definitely warmed up to him after a few minutes. There were older people, too, who were enthralled by him and listened to all the stories he told.  One older gentleman, as he walked away, said, “Well, I’ll be!  That’s amazing!” Many of the older folks also recognized Paul Brown’s voice from his radio and TV newscasts, so they had an added connection to the robot.  He felt, to them, as if he were an old friend.”

You can see him in the new museum HERE

animatronic robot

This is a custom animatronic train conductor, but…

What would you like?



The New Frontier of Custom Robotics


The world is always changing.

So is the enormous field of robotics.

Not long ago you were privileged to have an MIT handyboard or a Turtle or maybe even a sumo-bot project in your hands. Saying these words a few years ago to most crowds would cause a glazed stare from the crowd as if lobsters were crawling from your ears.

The HRP-4C - Japanese Supermodel Robot

The HRP-4C - Japanese Supermodel Robot

Now we have bioloids, walking, fighting robots fully functioning humanoid robots that kids are familiar with and more importantly, excited about.

A new frontier has opened up because of this: Custom Robotics.

Now that robotics have come to be a household word, it is fantastic that also at the same time companies have been created that can customize or completely build from scratch exactly what you want. And fast. And not at DARPA-level budgets!

A great new example is the Willow PR2 robot. From high-level thinkers involved with Google and Stanford University has come this latest iteration of a truly open-source software personal robot. This is an amazing step towards custom robotics. Not only can the researcher / end user dive into the mechanics of the robot BUT they are also able to utilize its many sensors and motors through an open portal into the robot’s code. It can become what you make it, behaviorally speaking.

But what about custom mechanisms? What about custom “skins”, panels, aesthetic but important features of a “personal robot”? This is where those companies skilled in special effects and prosthetics can play an important role… viagra