Unusual Animatronic Applications

07 Feb
Unusual Animatronic Applications

You may be used to seeing animatronic figures of people, robots, maybe even cute animals at events. These have all sorts of internal mechanisms to make them perform. These mechanisms are hidden, they are not the “feature”. Ranging from hydraulics, electric servos, cables, levers, and more all that cool stuff is not available for your curious eyes to see!

Why not show that technology?

Sometimes companies that make high tech components need something different than an animated figure to show off their goods. Case in point: a state of the art fiber optic company has a very proprietary technology incorporated into their fiber optic bundles. Other than telling potential customers that their technology is superior, how to prove it? SHOW IT! But let’s not just put up a scope and a lens, why not make it work? Make it controlled my strictly mechanical (no electric, hydraulic, pneumatic) means to make a lens pan, tilt, zoom, and focus?

Enter the unexpected use of animatronics! Cable controlled animatronics have been around for decades. They need no power to work (other than human muscle power). It is a perfect solution, animatronics technology steps up and solves the design challenge.

Hands on!

The display to be used in trade shows and other events not only had to have those functions but had to be able to be controlled by an average person walking down the aisle and intuitively turning knobs on this display simply out of curiosity. It is FUN, and it accomplished a key objective: get their attention. And as they play around and look through a brilliantly bright image that is being piped into their lens it is much easier for a salesperson to tell them that bright image is brought to them by this amazing fiber optic bundle. The emotional curiosity of being attracted to a neat, shiny thing with cool knobs and stuff can smoothly be turned into a sales discussion to help that client feel comfortable with this new technology and bump up their confidence in purchasing.

Whatever product or service you are trying to promote, there’s a way to do so using animatronics. We just need to know what industry you’re in and the specific products you are focusing on for the trade show. We can do the rest. We can design something specific to your needs or we can provide you with one of our stock animatronic for sale.

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