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27 May

Alarm systems and 24-hour monitoring are great tools for home security. But how would you like to enhance the effectiveness of those security solutions with some exciting new technology destined to take yours to the next level? Now you can with custom animatronics.

If you’re not sure what we mean, just think about those life-size animatronic figures you’ve seen at museums or large theme parks in Orlando, Florida. Oh yes, now you’re getting it.

Imagine a life-size and realistic animatronic torso you can set up in a strategic location to fool burglars when you’re not around. Perhaps your new security guard could be watching TV; or maybe you can position him so his silhouette can be seen through an upstairs bedroom window. The subtle movements offered by custom robotics can bring him to life long enough to cause a burglar to move on.

You’ll Be Amazed at the Possibilities

The suggestion to use animatronics as an enhancement to home security may sound a little far-fetched, but you really need to see what modern technology can accomplish to understand the possibilities. As a specialist animatronic company, we can make a life-size robot with features and motions so realistic they can easily fool at a distance.

If you are not sold on the potential of custom androids, we can also build smaller, non-humanoid robots that you can program to move randomly around your house. A burglar looking to get inside would have no idea if one of these robots were acting independently or under the guidance of an operator. That little bit of doubt is all that is needed to scare many burglars away.

Animatronics Are Fun As Well

When you are home and not worried about burglars, animatronics are also a lot of fun. Imagine the conversations you’ll have with guests when they see a life-size animatronic version of you seated at the dining room table. Or amaze them with a robot that actually blinks its eyes and speaks. It’s simply amazing.

Robots make great gifts for the kids, too. They provide endless hours of entertainment and instruction at the same time. Little minds want to know how these things operate, so they could even open a whole new door opportunity to teach your kids about science. Animatronics for the home is an idea whose time has come.

Part of an Overall Plan

Hopefully you are intrigued about the idea of using animatronics as part of your security strategy. If so, be sure to consult with your alarm and monitoring company as to how they can be integrated with your overall security plan. Together there are many ways you can put animatronics to use for enhanced security.

In the meantime, we’re able to create just about any sort of animatronic you can imagine for pleasure, business, promotional purposes, public memorials, etc. All we need are the details of what you are looking for and we can do the rest. If you’d like more information about our animatronics for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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