When telling a story is not easy

06 Sep
When telling a story is not easy

Even if you are speaking the same verbal language sometimes it is very difficult to tell a story by only talking. With only sound and no visual communication there is little chance your perspective will be understood. Now try to imagine your audience does not speak your verbal language! How will you convince them you have a compelling story?

Visual 3D scale models are the answer!

Many times a court case will revolve around a key story the defense is making. This story, while it may be true, is not strong enough to stand on its own.

Even the most theatrical lawyer with amazing ability to explain a story by talking to a jury can fail miserably if the jurors simply do not understand. This becomes especially true with cases involving engineering / scientific evidence that are key to the defendants case. But what if that talented lawyer could use the one thing all humans have in common: 3D visuals. No matter your language if you see a model that actually physically shows the story the chances of winning a jury’s vote increase exponentially.

Models and more…

The courtroom example is only one of many instances that this type of communication can be crucial. Models are communication tools that can make a huge difference on a trade show exhibit, museum display, movies, and theme parks. They can explain and also entertain an audience, just by using the common communication between all of us, 3D.

Whatever product or service you are trying to promote, there’s a way to do so using models. Simply let us know what you would like for your booth or walk around display. We can do the rest. We can design something specific to your needs.

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